Purchase Order Terms And Conditions

For products having a self life, the supplier shall indicate the cure date and when applicable any special storage or handling conditions. Cure date must appear on all packaging. The remaining shelf life at the time of delivery shall not be less than 80% of total shelf life.

A Certificate of Conformance, Test Reports and/or Airworthiness Certificate is required for all purchase orders.

CSM ULC must be notified of nonconforming product and/or arrangement for approval of nonconforming material.

The supplier shall flow down to sub tiers any applicable requirements.

The supplier shall notify CSM ULC of changes in product and /or process, changes of suppliers, change of manufacturing facility location and, where required, to obtain CSM ULC’s approval.

Requirements for design, test, verification, inspection and use of statistical techniques and related instruction for acceptance by the CSM ULC will be specified on the purchase order.

Requirements for approval of product, processes and equipment,qualification of personnel and quality management system requirements will be indicated on the purchase order.
The name or other positive identification, and applicable issue of all documents, process requirements, inspection instructions, and any other relevant technical data are required where specified on the Purchase Order.

Right of Access: CSM ULC their customers and regulatory agencies will be provided the right of entry, upon agreement with the supplier, to your facility, as necessary, to determine and verify the quality of contracted work, records and material. Regulatory agencies, must be accompanied by a representative from CSM ULC and obtain approval by the supplier. Some supplier documents or processes may be proprietary and may not be provided access subject to a disclosure agreement between the supplier and CSM ULC and/or regulatory agencies, regarding the sharing of proprietary information.

CSM ULC will supply any required quality system documents to suppliers to the extent necessary to ensure that characteristics not verifiable upon receipt are adequately controlled by the supplier. Key characteristic requirements shall be flowed down if the supplier subcontracts the key characteristic process.

Records shall be retained as per customer and contractual requirements.